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Here are just a few reasons why people choose Bedouin tents over a marquee tents:

Bedouin tents are customisable to a great extent! Marquee tents are static and cannot be modified in shape, angle or colour to suit the needs of the clients.

The material used in Bedouin tents are stretchable and breathable and gives a warmer more earthy vibe that the shiny plastic look of PVC marquee tents.

Unlike marquee tents, Bedouin tents can be pitched over uneven terrain, because it doesn’t require a flat surface. It can be attached to the side of buildings or used to cover decks.

The Bedouin tents are made of sound absorbing material which gives you better sound proofing from the outside in as well as from the inside out.

Bedouin tents block all harmful UV rays, giving great shade, but still allow enough light to not kill the grass.

Bedouin tents create a naturally inviting ambience with soft touch fabric surfaces and naturally flowing curves which is great for making people feel welcome at your wedding/ party.



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